Out where The West begins LIFE IN

With rapid population growth since 2000, there
must be something attractive about Fort Worth, Texas.


Fort Worth, Texas is comprised of several smaller communities and is located right next to the state capital of Dallas, giving it the title of “Metroplex”. In an area of about 6 million people, Dallas/Fort Worth offers many attractions for the locals and sight-seers, from its captivating museums, to the tight-knit communities on the outskirts.

Life in Fort Worth allows residents multiple choices for activities. There are museums such as the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, countless venues for line-dancing, and local events that are all readily available and very interesting places to visit. Academics and jobs are by no means lacking either. The locals, and also data from poll sites, say that Fort Worth is one of the best cities for finding jobs.

So Affordable WANT TO MOVE HERE?

Housing is definitely not a problem in Fort Worth. With choices between the bustling life of the city to the quieter communities on the outer rim of the city, houses are easy to come by thanks to prices that are lower than the average for the rest of the country. If you’re looking to buy or sell a house, long-time residents recommend using a Dallas/Fort Worth real estate professional to complete the transaction.

Problems Abound Everywhere THE DARKER SIDE

As with many large cities, there is a dark side to the city of Fort Worth. According to divorce lawyers in Fort Worth, the divorce rate in Texas is higher than the national average. During summertime in Fort Worth, heat can reach well above 90 degrees Fahrenheit making the summer season truly brutal. Public transportation is also a loss, causing many to simply prefer driving or walking.

An Attractive Feature OLD AND NEW TOGETHER

Fort Worth mixes modern living with history from the Old West, creating many opportunities for long-time residents and first-time visitors to go shopping in elegant malls or to learn and explore more about Texas’s historical past. Even with limited public transportation options, brutally hot weather much of the year, and other lifestyle drawbacks, the city continues to maintain its overwhelming charm.